The future of STEAM content & exhibits

Our Mission

We develop science exhibits such as Wind Rose, Sound Mirrors, Newton’s Craddle, Interactive Book, etc. which are used at science museums, science festivals, institutions (Universities, schools) to stimulate and support an innovative STEAM learning environment and create a hands-on experience.

Innovative Edutainment

Innovative and impactful products and inclusion. Another way to experience STEAM.

Development & Production

Create learning models & products with human and artistic touch.

Quality Education

Education and continuous learning that improves society.

Global Network

Creating a better society and better future for all.

Learning Environment

Our core values are creativity, excellence and diversity.

About Toy2B

Along with exhibits, STEAM toys and additional digital content are developed for clients to upgrade their merchandising offer to their visitors, students, etc.

We launch innovative and impactful products that Mission promote the positive power of science in human lives 

Our vision is to be a global leader in empowering young  people to participate in future sustainable social development

Social justice, diversity, inclusion, innovation, creativity, passion and excellence 

Art and science, indoor and outdoor. Original and tailor made exhibits for science museums and city parks. Digital contents for AR and VR. Smart toys.


Sound Mirrors

Device that reflects sound waves.



Presenting different kind of winds, conditions, directions and speed.

Newton’s Pendulum

Newton’s pendulum   Small, desktop versions are available in a variety of ways. But making a Newton pendulum measuring 2x2x2 meters was really a challenge in the true sense of the word. From the choice of materials to the way … Read More


Innovative Quality STEAM

Built on our vision for creating a better society and better future for all, we commit to the below values: creativity, excellence and diversity.

Toy2B creates innovative and impactful products and content, which promote the positive power of science in human lives.